What are the different privacy settings for Workplace events?

Your event's privacy settings depend on the type of event you've created and how you created the event. Keep in mind that you can't amend an event's privacy settings after you've created it.
Private Events
  • Only invited guests can see details of a private event.
  • You can choose to let guests invite other coworkers to a private event.
  • A private event is created outside of a group.
  • If the private event url is shared with users who haven't been invited to the event, the link will appear as a broken link or an unavailable attachment.
Open Events
  • An open event is open to all users in a company's community.
  • Open events can be shared with other people in the community.
Event Created in a Group
  • An event created in a group adopts the group's privacy settings. For example, an event created in an open group would be an open event.
  • The sharing feature is only available in open group events.
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